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Sales Techniques for Professional Salespeople

Trust and Tenacity is a 20 minute audio program presenting Loren Wolfe’s teachings on becoming a better communicator, salesperson, and closer.

A 10 step tutorial follow-up reinforces the concepts in the program and can also be be used each and every time a salesperson begins a presentation or sales call.

10 tips that will improve your sales career!

Find a quiet place with pad and pencil and learn from this unique but simple sales tool. The lessons learned will help you achieve more sales, more confidence, become a better communicator, and improve your overall attitude.

Loren Wolfe is someone who knows what he is talking about. His 35+ year sales
career speaks volumes on successful selling. He has done everything he will advise your staff to do.

I take great pride in encouraging every person I encounter to improve their communication skills!
 – Loren Wolfe

If you took all the fancy, frilly sales training and sales approaches and boiled them down to their essence, you would be left with Trust and Tenacity. This is an exceedingly usable and informative program.
 – Will Ouellette, Boulder Creek Builders, MPLS, MN

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