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Inspired by a life-changing event, Loren Wolfe is releasing his new CD, "N.E.D. and Me".

Recorded at Winterland Studios in New Hope, MN, this recording features two original songs from Loren and classics hits from Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and others. N.E.D. and Me, (the title track) is a song sharing a significant experience in Loren’s life. In 2010, a softball-sized tumor was found and diagnosed as melanoma (skin cancer). A P.E.T. scan was soon followed by a radical lymphadenectomy. The tumor was contained to one lymph node and the P.E.T. scan came back N.E.D.!

What is N.E.D. you ask?  N.E.D. is an acronym used for No Evidence of Disease, which is what the pathologist/radiologist writes at the bottom of the P.E.T. scan analysis if there is no sign of cancer. Over the past 18 months all of Loren’s scans have come back N.E.D!  N.E.D. and Me is a visible sign of the invisible grace Loren has received over the last 18 months of good health.

Joining Loren on several songs are his brother Rick Wolfe on blues harmonica; friends, Rollie Hass on guitar and Merideth Theis on vocals.

Loren is a gifted songwriter, musician and entertainer who’s “Man in Black” (Johnny Cash) impersonation includes many of the legendary singer’s songs and stories from his colorful past. Loren is also an author of children’s books and has created an educational presentation called “Imagination”.  Loren’s “Imagination” program captures the fun of learning combining his music and storytelling!

N.E.D. and Me

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Johnny’s hits:

Man In Black
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky

  Willie’s hits:

Angels Flying Too Close To the Ground
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