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Educational Entertainment

"Imagination" is a 30-45 minute classroom presentation for K-5 children. Loren encourages students to use their own imaginations, sharing with them how a book is written, illustrated and published, and then reads his book, Sam's Big Adventure. Additionally, Loren is a guitarist and songwriter. His songs capture the spirit of fun and learning, while celebrating all our many differences! Several of Loren's children songs are included in the presentation.

What Audiences Say...

"Loren Wolfe is an amazing story teller, singer, musician and author! He had my students laughing, creating, thinking, singing and smiling. He receives FOUR STARS from this teacher!"
- Trish Boltmann, Red Oak Elementary

"Loren really knows how to talk to children and keep them engaged. They had a fun time, but they also learned that they too can use their imagination and become whatever they put their minds to. Thanks Loren!"
- Stacy Conyard, Sweeney Elementary

Sam's Big Adventure

Sam's Big Adventure.
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Coloring book

I've Never Seen These Things
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